I still remember what it was like during those warm summer days...

I remember it like a dream; peddling down that hot gravel road with the sun at my back and the wind in my eyes. ... You smiled at me with those innocent eyes and held out your hand as if to gesture to mine.

“Hello friend, are you by any chance going west today? I woke up today with the feeling that I wanted to go somewhere far far away....”

I held my breath in the moment and you put your hand into your bag full of stars and pulled out a map, signaling to the entire page.

“Will you take me there? It’s awfully lonely with the entire universe to myself.”  

Concept & Visuals © Dahui Wang

They say when we go, that we are gone for good.

When you left, I could still feel the warmth of your hand as it lingered a little to long across my back as you held me in the morning hours. Your essence, it lingered in the pots and pans that you left, strewn across my kitchen table as if you were just there — as if you had just gotten up out of nowhere and would be back at any moment...

Did I know when you got up that morning to go where you always go that you would never come back? Either way, I’ll be here waiting until the day that you do, lingering in the scent of what you left behind.

Concept & Visuals © Dahui Wang

Formicophillia; an intimate love of insects that travels deep

Concept & Visuals © Dahui Wang